Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Counterfeit Black Pride

True story......
    I'm a black man to be clear. I walked into a sandwich shop to order a sub. A 40 or so black gentleman was selling some items inside. Among those were some pretty cheaply made metallic plaques with Obama's face on them. He showed me one of them as I was waiting to order. Near the bottom of the plaque was the name "Romney", and below that name was a picture of a hand with the middle finger sticking up. You know what it means. I proceeded to tell him, "No, I didn't vote for him anyway." The gentleman coarsely responded, "That's nothing to be proud of. That ain't nothing to be proud of!" as he was turning away from me. He would't dare rebuke me directly in my face. Not wanting to be confrontative I let it go, as I was still waiting to order my sandwich.
     As I was standing waiting for my order, I was watching this black gentleman in my periphery. His body language showed that he was flustered, irritated. I stood there unresponsive but ready to respond if he were to choose to push the issue and speak directly to me. " It's got nothing to do with pride, sir. It's got everything to do with worldview." That would be my response. In all of five minutes he did not directly press the issue, but he was clearly flustered, as he made a few slight corner glances at me, slighlty shaking his head and quietly grumbled "Ain't nothin' to be proud of."
     I voted for Barack Obama the first time for the exact same reason this gentleman did - because he was black. I did not vote for him this second time because I decided to educate myself, and I know better now. Neither did I vote for Romney. I wrote in my choice. I have analyzed Obama's worldview for myself and it is destructive to our personal liberties and individual sovereignty that the Constitution upholds. But the majority has been entangled in his smooth talk of "equality". What hurts is that this gentleman's comment implies that I should feel bad because I am a black man who didn't vote for a black man. That a vote against Obama is a vote against against black people. It's a matter of "black pride". It's not a matter of what we know about the man. It's not a matter of understanding how this man thinks. It's not a matter of understanding Constitutional principles and the laws of economics. It's not  matter of understanding biblical principles. It's not a matter of a realistic assessment of his previous performance in office. It's a matter of being black. And being black, or appearing to be black, the man can do no wrong. This counterfeit black pride, the kind that lacks wisdom and knowledge, is killing us.
     If Obama, or any other President, doesn't care about the Constitution that he swore to protect and defend in its entirety and in its original intent, then Obama doesn't care about black people or any other people. The common people are simply tools to be used to gain power.
     I love my people. But I'm not going to participate, or even pretend to participate, in this black pride delusion. And if you choose to speak to me directly, I will tell you why.