Monday, July 22, 2013

A Civil Rights Smokescreen

     Let me say once again. I'm a black man. And I'm disturbed, not discouraged, but disturbed by the way my people think. The Trayvon-Zimmerman incident has made it clear. We complain about the violation of our civil rights when a  light-skinned person of another race harms a black person. We're ready to march, and send  our complaint to the Capitol.. What about when a black person harms another black person? As black people, don't we violate one another's civil rights every single day? A gang member shoots a little girl in a playground. What about that little girl's civil rights? Innocent people are robbed and murdered daily in Chicago. Several black youths assault a Hispanic youth in the name of "Trayvon". Wasn't that kid's civil rights just violated? When the rights of a black person is violated by a white person we are ready to go to war. We want revenge. We want justice! We will bust windows and destroy private property to get justice. We will make other people suffer. But when we do it to one another, it's no big thing.
     I may be harsh in my analysis, but that's the way I think. As black people we love being portrayed as the victims. We are comfortable with it. There is a self-righteousness in it. There's a sense of entitlement in it. We use our suffering as an excuse to bolster our sense of entitlement and even to justify our crimes toward others. We have the right to be mad. Okay, fine. be mad! But channel that anger into constructive action. Don't take it out on one another. But we don't want to come to grips with how we victimize one another every day in the black neighborhoods and contribute to our own suffering. It's the log and speck principle Jesus told us about. We do much worse things to one another than what Zimmerman did to Trayvon. It was mutual combat. Somebody was bound to get hurt. Yet our eyes and ears are only on this one event as if it's supposed to unify us.
     So I'm supposed to react because it was the black kid that was fatally wounded. What if the roles were reversed? Would we protest as well, black people?  If the black kid were acquitted in that scenario we would be celebrating, would we not? We would reason that the black kid had a right to shoot.. Because human nature is that fickle and our human thinking is that distorted. That's all we need. To focus on a "black-white" situation like this to get our minds off of how much we violate one another's civil rights every day. We've made civil rights a color issue instead of a human issue. It's a  smokescreen. And our black "leaders" have created it. It blows my mind. Obama is permitting his man, attorney general Eric Holder, to file a federal civil rights lawsuit against George Zimmerman, a Hispanic kid. A kid! The government against a kid! Someone please tell me I heard wrong. Please? I heard both their speeches. Let's put a pacifier in the mouth of the Black community. We need  to keep their votes. And why are we not hearing the voices of Hispanic activists? I smell another political rat.
     God's word exhorts us to exercise equity in judgement. "Diverse weights and diverse measures. They are both alike an abomination to the Lord." Proverbs 20:10. It's a moral principle that we have long abandoned in this country. How can I possibly judge in a situation that I did not witness and have no first-hand knowledge of? I'm supposed to accept the second-hand information of the media and of our so-called black leaders and entertainers who can twist things any way they choose? To foster a counterfeit black unity?I'm not buying into this hype. All I know is what I see us doing to ourselves in the black community. That is what should disturb us..
     But that's just me.


  1. Well written, sir. Equity in judgment is something we need to be reminded of. Thank you. Maybe the media could have shown temperance in following and reporting on the trial since it had such a possibility to inflame various races.

  2. Also, I didn't hear if Holder filed a case yet but that he was thinking about it.

    Hyper Smash