Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Welcome To The Fiscal Cliff

     How many crises have been dropped on our heads in the past few years? Let's see, we have the banking crisis, the housing crisis, the auto crisis, the debt-ceiling crisis, the threat of a government shutdown.  Did I miss anything? Now we have (tada!) the "fiscal cliff!" Maybe it's just me but something smells rotten.  Especially since long-ago certain serious and unselfish individuals, like Ron Paul, have persistently given such warnings and Congress turned a deaf ear to those warnings. The President told us recently during his campaign "The private sector is doing fine." On what planet? That statement insults our intelligence.  Clear thinking Americans know we are headed to the edge of a cliff and you can't convince us otherwise. So, they decide to play a different card.  Same game different card. All of the sudden, right after the election, John Boehner is concerned about this "fiscal cliff."  Now "fiscal cliff" is being knocked around on the media tennis court. I smell a rat. Could it be another doomsday scenario manufactured by both parties to frighten the American people into accepting the theft of more of our hard-earned wealth?  Another doomsday  scenario designed to redistribute our wealth instead of doing the right thing, which is to eliminate useless, parasitic programs and departments, eliminate Federal taxes all together, and have the States take back their Constitutional authority? I'm sorry, does that sound too Jeffersonian, too out of touch with the times? This would give us enough traction to keep us from going over into the abyss.
   In fact, let me rephrase that. Ask me, we've already driven over the fiscal cliff. Having abandoned all moral principle and Constitutional guideline, trillion and trillions of dollars in debt that can never be paid back, leading to the bankruptcy of our children's future. I'd say we are already taking an "Inception-like" plunge into the abyss, unless we can grab hold of a life-saving branch on the side of the cliff by doing the aforementioned right things.But I don't really believe this is what they have in mind. They don't solicit our opinion. They don't ask our permission, even though they are supposed to. The people are sovereign. But It doesn't matter what the American people need or want. What matters is what they, the bureaucracy and the central banking gangsters, stand to gain or lose. Somebody spray in here, it stinks.


  1. I wonder why we desire to go the way of Europe when they are already dead at the bottom of the cliff and are decomposing beyond recognition. Why don't we do what nations are doing that are growing? Do we have a clue?

  2. No we don't have a clue. And the powers that be behind the scenes that pull the strings of politicians and media outlets around the world are making sure we remain clueless. These hidden powers that be are the ones who control global monetary policy, country after country. Who are they? They are the international banking conglomerate, of which the Federal Reserve is a part, and they are in the business of channeling the world's wealth into the hands of the few, destroying economies all over the world and ultimately enslaving people and business legislatively, killing the free market. These powers that be pay politicians to do their will, while they try to convince us that government will meet our every need. And we believe the lie. To keep themselves hidden, they know how to divert the public's attention to other issues. Don't believe a word Ben Bernanke tells you.

  3. This is good and very intellectually well-said. Tell this to black people. I hope you get the recognition that you deserve.

    1. I like that you see that we have already fallen off of the cliff. I agree with this.